America’s future pressure on the Ukrainian crisis

United States futures trading sharply lower today as investors have started to price in the Ukrainian and Russian political situation with the possibility of war going on. Poland, in the strongest terms abroad, in this area, as well as his army across the border has increased. Investors are very flexible for any kind of negative news, they are jittery this morning and risk aversion is the name of the game this morning.Optimism exotic birds in the forest and admire traders is that, whenever they see it, but today it is selling across the board and we think emerging markets could be the biggest victim of geopolitical tensions with gold moving to the upside. Most investors who buy late night Friday morning devastated. A smart investor may hesitate to participate in the sale today, due to the overall strength of the United States market is strong, it can be the best option to stay on the sidelines this week, because this week we have a large economic (Job Friday ). So far , most of the softness in the economy can be blamed on the cold weather , but we expect growth to pick up as the weather gets warm . Later in the day , now due in February ISM manufacturing numbers , and expectations are for a slight improvement from 52.3 . Let ‘s not forget that in the past month , we have experienced a huge Andghvth for reading , so yes could well be welcomed by traders .

Back in Europe , we also have a small amount of data to be chewing on for months . Spanish manufacturing PMI data below has been reduced forecast 53.2 52.5 final reading . However, this reading is better than the previous figure of 52.2 Draqy Mario is once again the long form of pressure , which is set to deliver his speech today was at 14:00 GMT . Child Problem , France , as well as his reading of the manufacturing PMI data presented , however here is predicted to contract by 48.5 forecast review . However, the central bank’s main gauge of euro zone manufacturing PMI Europe will be the overall activity is due at 09:00 and is anticipated to expand a little bit there, with a 53.2 reading .Over in the UK, we have data generated from the PMI, considering as well, and it is anticipated that up to 56.9 vs. 56.7 previously. We also passed a number of mortgage lending network and 09:30 GMT, the anticipation is 74K and 2.5B respectively.