Asian markets closed higher, while European markets are constant

Asian markets closed higher on the trading day weekend. Economic data released in China in January remained stable. The consumer price index was 2.5%, the same level as compared to a year ago. However, the rate of inflation in China has proved a challenge for the Bank of China to raise the level of its debt have clause. Although, many focus on the inflation data, but at the same time there are also some interesting data released by the nations’s Bank.The data showed that the proportion of bad loans has increased by more than 1% and the other at its highest level in nearly two years.However, Hong Kong stock was not much impacted by the inflation report in China, but the property developer stock experienced a draw down as the government started to tighten their measure.Shanghai’s top performer with a gain of 0.84% ​​during the session and closed above it.Index close to 4.08% in the past 5 days.’s Hang Seng index during the session and it was the best index gained nearly 0.60%. However, lower Nikkei closed with a loss of 1.53%.

Stock markets in Europe during the early hours of constant trading, as traders await the euro zone growth data. Index FTSE MIB index during the session is done and it is trading up by 0.49% gain. Index of approximately 3.66% in the past 5 days. DAX and the CAC 40 gained 0.13% and 0.05% are also trading higher. Finally, antelope traded lower, losing 0.24%.