Change your point of view to change your trading life

Change you view to change your life.  A famous Quote from Quantum method . I changed it to
”Change your point of view to change your trading life”







Change view point


I will ask my fellow Forex Trader to do the same and change your life. Though everyone realize it after realizing loss in trading carrier. Today we will talk about the psychological problem that trader face while trading online. We work as broker IB and we provide support to our client so we chat with them and provide all the support they need. While providing support we get lots of experience of their psychological condition. Few days earlier some one has asked me about the slippage problem during news, as we know its a common problem during news time. He was looking for a broker without slippage problem and i provided him the information he lacked. I get to know that he uses big volume while trading and take maximum risk possible in his trading which lead him to huge gain or huge loss. After few days he knocked me again and said his account has blown. It was waiting to happen to him. No one can survive in the market with a trading style like that which is no style at all. Last day another trade came into my office he was looking to deposit 5k but his first condition was he will use 5 standard lot on every trading and he was asking my recommended broker will allow it or not. I provided him with necessary information he needed. I asked him not to gamble and use proper money management but he has one saying that he lost 40k already and he want to recover all that within quick time and by proper money management and a sound trading system it will take long time to recover all the losses. So he decided to  gamble his money. This is a common scenario, every one loss and run after quick recover and loses his money again and the circle continues. Lots of trade see this market as a money making machine. It is a money making machine but not for the retail trader. Most of them understand this fact when they have no more to lose in the market or they lost more then they can afford to lose.



So my fellow trader Make a sound plan to survive in the market change your view and it will surly change your trading carrier also your life. Time is still there and success is waiting for you.