Europe trading up

Trading the stock market up early this morning , despite jobs data disappointed the United States , which was published on Friday . It is no wonder there is a lack of jobs that were supposed to act as a bad news is a good news  for the market. Conceivably, the chances of the Fed with more aggressive actions in withdrawing stimulus is not high as they were before . Now, we may consider the less hawkish comments from  members of the Fed that we get to experience it last week . However, an element that traders are not given the weakness in economic data in China and the concern is still not cleared out .

Friday’s gains for stocks America’s best achievements so far this year, indicates a strong rebound from its low last week we were called. But whatever gains for equity markets are America, Janet Yellen still faces challenges similar to, or perhaps even more daunting, given that we have two more disheartening economic. What elements of this data is actually affected by cold weather, we are still not sure about this, and the unemployment rate is at 6.5% of the whisker.

Directed forward and maintain appropriate expectations for Janet Yellen, in our opinion, are the most important thing, because under no circumstances, you want to see the market pricing in a rise in interest rates which could potentially have a devastating impact.