EUR/USD- correction can be done soon.

EUR / USD is trading above the trend line upward in a time frame of 30 minutes. However, the slope of the trend line is very steep, which makes the higher the chance that we may get a trend line break. Firmly upward trend is strong, as the pair above the 50day (shown is green) and 100 days (shown in yellow) moving average.


RSI indicator is showing signs of attention, as we have See a clear negative divergence with respect to price fluctuations , meaning the bias can be a downside. If price breaks above the trend line, which is very likely, then we may find some support near its 100 day moving average.

Resistance Levels

1.3818-1.3789 Major

1.3737-1.3725 Minor

Support Zone

1.3563-1.3549 Minor

1.3475-1.3489 Major