Gold – Fundamental Analysis

When there is fear in the market, smart money moves to the derived risk-averse and that is what is driving gold prices higher. Emerging market crises in the Fed’s gradual decline, traders work well for gold.

A strong cash flow ,from the equity market towards gold the stock market  the gold is there, and we think that this could continue for the next few weeks . However, if we really see the bottom for gold , it could be a far-fetched idea . Because the GDP data released yesterday , the United States , Vouched improvements in the way (meaning less demand for derivative risk averse ) and the United States , with 10 -year bond yield reduction due to increased demand for shelter safe ( in the emerging market crisis ) , we think that the Fed may use your intuition and actually have the opportunity to wind down its QE certainty.

Thus, a reduction in the 10-year bond yields rising to the mortgage market in the United States can be translated, and if inflation is creeping up on us, then we may call the bottom for precious metals.